The Letter of the Day is F: “F” is for Flowers, Dried, Silk, Fresh, Porcelain, and a Host of Other Materials

Flowers play a big part in my life. I decorate my house with pictures of them, put vases of them on my tables, I wear them on my clothes, and of course I garden with them. My gardens are not of the “botanical garden” caliber but they reflect me and my personality. In crafting, I stamp and color them, make clay flowers, use bejeweled enamel and metal flowers in my jewelry making and I collect and dry them and use them to embellish cards. Dried flowers is what I am going to talk about today.

Drying flowers is pretty easy. Some are able to be dried as a whole flower like alyssum and lobelia. Others have substantial centers and need to be pulled aprt or they will never dry. Geraniums, impatiens, snapdragons and pansies are good flowers to start with. I’ve disassembled roses and dried their petals and their stamens and their leaves.

Pick them after the dew has dried, (preferably on a warm day in the early afternoon) any moisture will encourage it to 3fecf94e4ef2fbeb02ab5914fb1648b1 d0938a91f7763854de596ba8c32763fbmold and that is not pretty. there are flower presses you can make or buy but all you really need is some a phone book, newspaper or even bond paper and some heavy books. Lay your flowers flat or take them apart, have them spaced so they don’t touch each other and separate them with sheets of paper. Place 4 or 5 heavy books (depending on how heavy they are) on top and leave them for a couple of weeks. Your goal is to get them to flatten and release their moisture into the paper. Check every them carefully fromt ime to time for dryness. There are other ways to dry them but this is my method.

A note about colors: In my experience, pressed flowers will all eventually fade over time. That makes them even more special because you need to enjoy them in the moment. Some reds will turn almost black, most colors will darken and become more intense.

To adhere them to cards, I use a standard white glue like Aileens or Elmers. I apply a dab with a toothpick, it doesn’t take much. One other thing, before I glue anything I lay out the flowers where I ant them to be and then glue. Once they are glued down and dry, you won’t be moving them as they are pretty fragile.

You can spray your artwork with an acrylic spray, just be sure to spray from about 16-18 inches away and just mist them, otherwise they will get wet and wrinkle. You can also use clear contact paper or laminate for more protection on something like a bookmark.

Here are some examples of pressed flower art.0f50e9fad7ce1aecf33293efad490331 487bfd338aebac63c314e7a4ad1ee60dCandles, pressed flower in resin necklace7490747d06fa36231d7f746845e869de, greeting cards, framed art etc.
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How to Use Baby Wipes and Reinkers to Create a Background

StripedWipeStep6How to Use Baby Wipes and Reinkers to Create a Background

Through Stampin’ Up, I learned a technique using an ink pad and a sponge to make a background. This is another way to do that using baby wipes and reinkers. With this way you can use multiple colors at one time. Pretty neat if you ask me. 

What is Christmas without a Pretty Kitty under the Tree?


What is Christmas without a Pretty Kitty under the Tree?

This smug looking kitty was fun to make. I went through my die cuts that I had saved up and put this card together. As usual, I embellished with multi colored crystals for the ornaments and a cute plaid ribbon for his neck. He is for sale on my Etsy site. See the link below for him and other cards.

Send this to someone who loves animals and then have them frame it to be enjoyed during the next holiday season.

Time to Design Christmas Cards


Time to Design Christmas Cards

It’s been a long time since I posted here. First, my apologies, if any one tells you it’s easy to have a blog and keep it current in half an hour a day, they are nuts. Of course, it doesn’t help that I am very busy and eclectic and have my fingers in a lot of pies. Sigh. Apology over.

I have come back in from the garden and summer activities and have started to design again. (I love winter for that very reason, I get to come in and play!)

I bought a new cricut cartridge, Winter Wonderland, (not to be confused with their Winter Woodland which I also have) and I love it. I think I love everything by Anna Griffith.

This card features a beautiful wreath studded with red crystals for the berries. I am developing a signature style of having embellishments on everything I create. The green tartan plaid background is warm and homey.

This is available on Etsy. I will be showing off more cards as I get them scanned in. I am going to figure out a way to show how I make them. There are some pretty good tutorials out there.

Pretty in Pink


Pretty in Pink

This is one of my cards that I have for sale on Etsy under the store name FlowerchildCardShop. It would be a nice Valentine for someone you love. Check it out and my other cards that I will showcase.