Using Paint Samples to Create an Ombre Look

This is in the category of “Why didn’t I think of that?”


DIY Roundup: 25 Easy and Creative Sharpie Crafts

Very nice. However I’ve found that sharpies don’t stay as well when you actually want them to! I have to try these ideas, especially the pillows.

DIY Roundup: 25 Easy and Creative Sharpie Crafts – Yes Missy! | a lifestyle blog.

DIY Easy Enamel Dots, Redesigned Embellishments Using Nail Polish

One of the best uses of old nail polish. Wished I had thought of this. This is a video. Pretty cool. Who doesn’t have old nail polish sitting around. Let me know how these turn out for you. DIY Easy Enamel Dots, Redesigned Embellishments and more! – Above Rubies Studio | Above Rubies Studio.

All Things Paper: The Kirigami Project by Omiyage

This is a paper craft I thought I’d never heard of until I read the article. We’ve all made paper snowflakes. Looks like fun. We should all try something different.

All Things Paper: The Kirigami Project by Omiyage.

The Letter of the Day is Y: “Y” is for Y We Create


It’s kind of lame but my brain is shot. It’s a good topic though.

We all have our own reasons for crafting/creating, be it in wood or recycled goods or food or paper or fabric or…? I think I was born with a creative gene. Not being able to exercise that gift would be for me,  like not breathing. I love beautiful, colorful, sparkly things. i also think there’s a bit of pride involved too. I feel that in most cases I can do things better! Can I really do it better? Most of the time I think so, other times I have to take my hat off to those who are more capable at it. 

My husband believes I am too busy and says things like, “You need to stop doing so much”. My answer is “What should I get rid of?  I love everything I do.”  They are my passions.  I figure I can sleep when I am dead.

Right now, I am tThe Tomato Lady, I sell 7500 tomato and pepper plants for about a month a half in the spring of the year. The rest of the time I am a freelance graphic designer and the creativity just spills over into the greeting cards I make, the embroidery I do, the quilts I sew, the earrings I make, my flowers, even the food I cook. 

I live therefore I create. Why do you?

The Letter of the Day is O: “O” is for Ombré

According to Websters Online Dictionary the word  is defined as:

Adjective: shaded or graduated in tone: said of a color

Origin of ombré: French past participle of ombrer, to shade ; from Classical Latin umbrare ; from umbra, shade

Basically it is the merging gradually of one color into another, regardless of hom many colors there are in between. Today we hear it commonly applied to hair color.

In crafting we’ve used it to create backgrounds, simulations of sunsets etc. My Copic markers do a wonderful job of blending colors as I talked about in a previous post. You can dye fabrics and create a shaded effect. You can keep the colors in a the same family, as in the drawer with blues or go from two entirely different colors such as the Eiffel Tower in  the picture below. Here they used gold glitter and shades of pink glitter. It is very beautiful. Images are from Pinterest.


I love these earrings