Fringed Reins For A Horse In A Costume Class At The Fair


How do you like that title? Sorta rolls off the tongue, right?

For our Spokane Interstate Fair, I have entered my horse in several events including the costume contest. I have been showing at the fair for 4 years, trail challenge, halter, showmanship but never the costume class. Oh, I’ve thought about it, but usually when it’s looming up, 2 hours ahead. Obviously no time to put something together. This year, I talked some of my fellow SCOPE Mounted Patrol members into coming with me and they were jazzed about doing the event. Now, I am doing the costume class!

I decided to come as a flamenco dancer. I found a fabulous dress at a yard sale, black and red with painted red roses, and am going to accessorize my horse with red roses clipped into his mane and tail, a red swarovski and crystal face piece between his brow band and a nose piece on his bridle and a black saddle pad. Now all I needed was to decorate the reins.

At the local craft stores, I looked at tasseled and beaded fringe. Surprised at how expensive it was per yard ($12 to $16 a yard) I decided to make my own until I realized the cost and time that would go into it. One day I was out at my favorite Hobby Lobby and, on a whim, swung by their home dec section and lo and behold, some fringe I could afford! It was $6.99 a yard AND I had a coupon! They are not swarovskis, but hey, remember it’s a costume, and it was short enough to drape nicely without stacking on itself to the point where you couldn’t see the beads.

I used E6000, a jewelry glue, to adhere to a set of single reins and then wrapped it every other strand of beads, with a black, 1/8″ ribbon to reinforce the glue.

This is how it came out. And, as you can see here, Shiloh is rocking it! Now to figure out how to keep the roses in his hair.


My Quarter Horse Mare, Dancer is My Hero

dancer and i mothers day for TC copy

Here is a love story I’ve been wanting to share for a long time:

Brown Sugar Dance (Dancer to those who know and love her) is my quarter horse mare. She is a very calm and thoughtful mare. In April she will turn 17 and has been my owner for the last four years. I could not have asked for a better horse to get my confidence on after a nearly fatal accident 8 years ago. I had bought my first horse at 45, owned it for one month (prabably the shortest time of anyone on the planet), fell off, breaking four ribs in about 10 place, punctured a lung and stayed in the hospital for 12 days. Took me almost a year to recover completely. Swore I’d never ride again

.dancer and I and ribbon 2

After almost 5 years, and looking at least a billion horses, I found her and I’d like to say it was love at first sight. I  kind of was and kind of wasn’t. The first time I got on her only lasted five minitues. I knew I was going to throw up, have a heart attack and to top it off, I was shaking so badly, it was only a matter of time before I vibrated off her back.dancer and her new sign

To make a long story short., she put up with my ineptness, never got crazy because of my fear and has always been good to me. She has taught me how to ride and how to be more patient. Do we have our challenges? Sometimes, but we work through them. Do I still have fear, absolutely, but I persevere. Being able to trust her has helped a lot with that.