Spring Succulent pillow, Amazing 3D Look in 2D Printing

I love this pillow. She does an amazing job, it is so life like. You should follow the link to see her other work.

Spring Succulent pillow made to order by Plantillo on Etsy

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Christmas Card with a Cheerful Penguin by FlowerchildCardShop


My first digital greeting card for Etsy. Easy digital download.

Christmas Card with a Cheerful Penguin by FlowerchildCardShop.

Christmas Gift Tags Santa Claus with Blue by FlowerchildCardShop

Santa Claus Gift Tags

Christmas Gift Tags Santa Claus with Blue by FlowerchildCardShop. These are my second digital file on my Etsy shop. It is for sale for $3.20 and you can print as many as you like. Aren’t they sweet?

The Letter of the Day is G: “G” is for Glitter

Fairy dust, that’s what glitter reminds me of. All of my life I have been fascinated by shiny, glittery things. When the Christmas Season comes on us and I am busy crafting everything from wreaths, to christmas cards to tree decorations my husband always comments on my sparkling presence; I have glitter on my face, in my hair, on my clothes, you name it.

Wikipedia gives this description: Glitter describes an assortment of very small, flat, reflective particles. When particles are applied to surfaces, they reflect light at different angles causing a surface to sparkle or shimmer. Glitter is similar to, but smaller than confetti or sequins. Glitter has been produced and used decoratively since prehistoric times from many different materials including stones such as malachite for mica, insects, and glass. Modern glitter is most commonly manufactured from plastic.

Glitter comes in all colors of the rainbow. You can spread a sheet of glue with a brush over the surface that you want “glitterize”, with a piece of paper underneath to catch the excess, sprinkle glitter heavily and then tip to shake off the leftover glitter. This can be reused and put back into the container. You could also draw lines with glue, say, a name or a design, and apply glue to it for a lovely look.Image

For more control, put glitter in a shaker bottle or a clean salt shaker. If you’ve worked with resin, you can swirl it around and let it dry for a nice effect

I like using the Martha Stewart line of glitters. They are particularly nice and easy to work with.

Here are some interesting uses for glitter from PinterestImageImageImage

Valentine’s is Coming Up Sooner Than You Think


Valentine's is Coming Up Sooner Than You Think

A beautifully cut victorian heart with two lovers inside. It is set on a white card with a lacy diecut border. The inside is blank for your own personalization

For those of you who are artists and card makers, I used the Cricut cartridge “Victorian Romance” and a large Ek paper punch to cut the border.

What is Christmas without a Pretty Kitty under the Tree?


What is Christmas without a Pretty Kitty under the Tree?

This smug looking kitty was fun to make. I went through my die cuts that I had saved up and put this card together. As usual, I embellished with multi colored crystals for the ornaments and a cute plaid ribbon for his neck. He is for sale on my Etsy site. See the link below for him and other cards.

Send this to someone who loves animals and then have them frame it to be enjoyed during the next holiday season.

I’ve Got the Delphinium Blues by Elizabeth Casteel on Etsy


I’ve Got the Delphinium Blues by Elizabeth Casteel on Etsy.

this is a treasury I put together, one of my first, and it showcases blues and purple delphiniums and related items. I think they are beautiful in my garden and should always be brought inside.

‘I’ve Got the Delphinium Blues’ by elzbthc

Delphiniums make me anything but blue. I love how stately and how much structure they bring to the garden. There are many colors of delphiniums, burgundy, white, cream, blues, purples, pinks, all are lovely.

Blue Brothers Delphinium Duo


Blue Delphinium hair flower …


Vintage Gold 3 in. Compact P…


Large Delphiniums and Roses …


Delphinium Larkspur 5×7 Phot…


Hand painted Llama Wool Yarn…


Blue Delphinium – Real Flowe…


large 10″ cake stand in…


Butterfly Delphinium glass p…


Hand Dyed ribbon – beautiful…


Blue Butterfly Delphinium Fl…


Note Cards – First Light – d…


Blue Delphinium Flower Candl…


Vintage 1961 Garden Book Del…


Purple ‘Mira’ Tiara …


Original Watercolor painting…


Treasury tool supported by the dog house