Changing The Focus Of This Blog

Before you choke on your cup of coffee at seeing two posts from me on this blog, here’s the scoop.

When I started this particular blog I intended it to be mostly about crafty things. Now I am finding that too constricting. My life is much more than just creating things, I cook, rI ide a horse, raise tomato plants, hike, take pictures, entertain, read, volunteer, I am going to put much more content on this concerning all the parts of my life.

Some things you might identify with, such as the fear issues I am overcoming with riding my horse, the joy I get in raising my own flower plants, the books I like and don’t like, the recipes I love and the ones that make me wonder what someone was thinking, techniques i learn, devotionals that really strike me where I live… and other things.

The skies the limit now and I am excited! I hope you enjoy this “new and improved” blog! At least I will write more posts.shiloh-and-i-2016-favorite


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