The Letter of the Day is Y: “Y” is for Y We Create


It’s kind of lame but my brain is shot. It’s a good topic though.

We all have our own reasons for crafting/creating, be it in wood or recycled goods or food or paper or fabric or…? I think I was born with a creative gene. Not being able to exercise that gift would be for me,  like not breathing. I love beautiful, colorful, sparkly things. i also think there’s a bit of pride involved too. I feel that in most cases I can do things better! Can I really do it better? Most of the time I think so, other times I have to take my hat off to those who are more capable at it. 

My husband believes I am too busy and says things like, “You need to stop doing so much”. My answer is “What should I get rid of?  I love everything I do.”  They are my passions.  I figure I can sleep when I am dead.

Right now, I am tThe Tomato Lady, I sell 7500 tomato and pepper plants for about a month a half in the spring of the year. The rest of the time I am a freelance graphic designer and the creativity just spills over into the greeting cards I make, the embroidery I do, the quilts I sew, the earrings I make, my flowers, even the food I cook. 

I live therefore I create. Why do you?


2 thoughts on “The Letter of the Day is Y: “Y” is for Y We Create

  1. That’s cute! Though I confess I read it twice and thought…where’s her Y…….then it hit and I laughed. Beautiful cupcakes, too pretty to eat. Wrapping up with my visits/comments for a-z, as I missed a few days being out of town getting my 5 visits per letter in. Am continuing to blog a-z in May though

    • Wow, five visits per letter. that’s very good. Between my two blogs and selling my tomato plants, it’s been pretty difficult to get any visits in. Thanks for the nice words. A lot of the lfowers are made with gumdrops.

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