The Letter of the Day T: “T” is for Tips

RE: Ribbon (from Splitcoast Stampers)

Q: Debbie asks: “No matter how much ribbon I buy I never seem to have the right color for the project I’m working on. Have you tried dyeing your own ribbon with ink to match your stamping?”

A: I use alcohol markers to color ribbon and seam binding. They’re great for custom coloring! You can use a single color, create a random mix of colors, or color in strips of color for an ombre effect. A few quick spritzes of rubbing alcohol will help colors blend together. It also stiffens the ribbon just a little, and helps it hold its form.

Keep an Inspiration Notebook (from BHG website)

 Fill a notebook with magazine clippings, colorpalettes, sketches, and other items to keep inspiration at your fingertips. A purse-size notebook is ideal for when you get those creative sparks while out and about.

Craft Tips from Pinterest

• Sharpen scissors by cutting super fine sand paper.

• Little bit of Vaseline on the end of your glue gun will stop glue strings.

• Soak paint brushes in fabric softener or hair conditioner for 10 min, they will clean right up.

• Recycle large plastic lids by using them for a painter’s pallette or cutting them up for stencils.

• Sharpen punches by punching foil. Lubricate by punching wax paper.

• Use a cookie sheet w/ foil for a portable craft surface…plus, super easy cleanup.


Use a muffin tin to separate buttons, jewels, beads any kind of small craft pieces

Store your foam paint brushes (without cleaning) in a plastic sandwich bag. Use a rubber band to hold the bag on and to seal it. Refrigerate and you will be able to use the brush again (with the same paint of course).

Save your broken china and tiles to make a mosaic


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