The Letter of the Day is R: “R” is for Rubber Stamping

How tired am I? I’m so tired that you may have seen a post on this blog about tomatoes. I hope you enjoy it because I probably didn’t get it deleted in time.That is also what I do. I sell tomato and pepper plants. 7500 of them.

Now for the right post.

I fell in love with rubber stamping a lont time ago. You can create your own custom cards, color them as you see fit (makes you feel like a kid again). Now I use Copic markers instead of crayolas but the feeling is still there. You can even have your own designs cut into rubber.

Of course, stamps are made of more than just rubber anymore. There is acrylic which is cheaper. The only thing about acrylic is that if it’s not made by a reputable company, it doesn’t leave a good impression. There are special inks out there for acrylics that don’t bead as badly. One of the other things you can do to encourage your stamp to hold ink is to rub them on your hands.

The good thing about acrylics is that you can see where they are going to imprint so it makes it easier to place them. They stick to transparent blocks.

Whether you use acrylics or rubber, use something soft, such as a thin foam sheet (I use the inserts that come with Close to my Heart stamp sets) under the paper to help make a better impression and do some test prints first to make sure it does it correctly with complete ink coverage.

Another tip: use the ink pad to ink the stamp, it cuts down on ink on the edges from rocking on the pad. 

You can use a pen to ink the stamp. If it drys out, huff on it to moisten again.




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