The Letter of the Day is Q: “Q” is for Quilting

Yesterday I wrote about a form of quilting called foundation or paper piecing. Today I will show off my quilting skills. 

I used to be a garment sewer, making a lot of my own clothes when I was younger. I remember this perfectly hideous, green corduroy pantsuit. I thought I was styling, strutting my stuff down the halls of my high school. Not so much. Back in the day, home ec was a class offered in our schools. I don’t think it’s offered anymore. 

I don’t remember when I took up quilting. I know that I was intrigued with all the patterns and the simplicity of sewing a 1/4″ seam. Plus I didn’t have to do zippers or facings, which I despised! I started with block of the month clubs, joined a quilter’s guild, attended quilt shows and took classes to learn everything I could. So many fabrics and techniques, so little time. As of this date, I have made upwards of 50 quilts, giving most of them away. Here are some of the ones I have made.




6 thoughts on “The Letter of the Day is Q: “Q” is for Quilting

  1. You are an amazing talented lady, I do so admire anyone creative with their hands. It is so nice to see the old crafts are still around and thriving, thanks largely to ladies like you. Well done!

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