The Letter of the Day is O: “O” is for Ombré

According to Websters Online Dictionary the word  is defined as:

Adjective: shaded or graduated in tone: said of a color

Origin of ombré: French past participle of ombrer, to shade ; from Classical Latin umbrare ; from umbra, shade

Basically it is the merging gradually of one color into another, regardless of hom many colors there are in between. Today we hear it commonly applied to hair color.

In crafting we’ve used it to create backgrounds, simulations of sunsets etc. My Copic markers do a wonderful job of blending colors as I talked about in a previous post. You can dye fabrics and create a shaded effect. You can keep the colors in a the same family, as in the drawer with blues or go from two entirely different colors such as the Eiffel Tower in  the picture below. Here they used gold glitter and shades of pink glitter. It is very beautiful. Images are from Pinterest.


I love these earrings



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