The Letter of the Day is N: “N” is For “November is the Time to Make Christmas Cards”

For some reason, I couldn’t come up with something for “N”. I asked my beloved and talented husband for help and he came up with the November thing. I know it’s a stretch but it gives me the chance to show off my Christmas cards. 

November is when I start thinking Christmas, it’s the perfect time to sit down and create. You still have time to send them out by Thanksgiving. I know, you might ask, “Why should I send a physical card when I can text or send email?” Notheing is more exciting than to run to the mailbox and find a card waiting for you. Someone loved you enough to take time out of otheir day, sit down and pen a greeting to you. 

I use a Cricut to make most of my cards. Then I embellish with stamps, jewels, ribbon, glitter, pearls…anything is fair game.

BTW: I sell my cards, all occasions on Etsy at Flowerchild Card Shop

Here are some of my own cards that I created:




4 thoughts on “The Letter of the Day is N: “N” is For “November is the Time to Make Christmas Cards”

  1. Lord help me, November & Christmas Cards – in Easter Weekend …!! haha, Love your cards but I don’t even want to know about Christmas yet, the year is flying by fast enough thank you lol

    • Well, I couldn’t think of an “N” word so November was perfect. I’d like to think I could get my cardmaking for the holidays done well in advance but not usually, although I do do my Christmas cards in late November.

      • You sound a lot more organized than me – I always plan to be, but end up doing the ‘last minute Christmas Blues shopping dance-routine’….. everytime!

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