The Letter of the Day is K: “K” is for Knitting

Knitting, this is going to be a short one since I don’t know how. Not that I don’t appreciate it, it’s just one of the few things I never learned to do. I can say that I’ve loved all the new yarns that have come in the last several years. I do crochet and they are hard for me to use, but my daughter made me an absolutely gorgeous scarf from a pretty purple with metallic edge yarn. This is my chance to show it off.


Thanks Krystal!


2 thoughts on “The Letter of the Day is K: “K” is for Knitting

  1. Never learnt how to knit huh? You and me both, not that I don’t admire those that do it – I just don’t have that ‘patience gene’ to wait for a craft that takes longer than a day to materialize. Guess that is why I am not a baker. I have a foody blog and I love cooking but Baking is NOT for me – too slow. It comes down to lacking that Patience Gene. Either you have it or you don’t! Rose

  2. Beautiful scarf! I learnt how to knit well into my thirties, it’s one of the most rewarding things to make an item from scratch and then have loved ones wearing it for warmth.
    Visiting from the A-Z.
    Best wishes

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