The Letter of the Day is J: “J” is for Jewelry Tools

I make al ot earrings and some necklaces. I also make what I call “Cowgirl Bling”, jewelry for a cowgirl’s hat. Here is a picture of one of my hat creations:


much prettier than leather braids and feathers I think.

The tools in my aresenal:

Flat needlenose pliers, for just about everything that I need to hold without making marks on the piece. There is also a flat nose with a nylon end that I use to straighten wire.




Bentnose flat pliers for holding jump rings and for getting into awkward spaces



Roundnose pliers for making eye pins and metal spirals


My new favorite is a Looper. I make pretty nice eye pins but it can be arduous. I found these at Rings and Things and they allow you to make perfect eye pins with the bead on it. Very cool.



Wire twisters for taking two or more strands of wire, and twisting them together to make interesting designs



Split ring pliers used for opening split rings which I use sometimes when I want a more secure hold than an ordinary jump ring.


Cutters: Flush and Side Cutters: the difference per eHow

  • Side cutters are pliers with two beveled edges on the ends. As the handles are closed, these edges align exactly, pinching or wedging through the object between them. This is a different action than produced by scissors, for example, which shear objects — the blades passing by one another. The flat, or flush, side of the cutting end of the pliers is typically located to one side, hence the name of the tool. Side cutters come in a wide variety of sizes but those used in jewelry making are typically small to allow precise use.




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