The Letter of the Day is B: “B” is for Buttons


So, I know this post is late (I not sure if it needs to be posted in the morning or not), but remember, better late than never! Right? 

I am a freelance graphic designer and I am putting a Family Magazine to bed today and it is hectic. Now that I’ve registered my excuse, hopefully my audience will forgive me.

I love buttons. They keep my shirts buttoned up, my pants from falling down, make dialing numbers on a phone easy, help me navigate a websites, and tell me how to vote (vote for Ike).

Since this is a craft blog I’m sure you know I am talking about physical buttons. They come in a multitude of colors, shapes and sizes. I rip them off old clothing and buy them at garage sales. Lots of them. I keep mine if small bins and one of my favorite things is to run my hands through them, it’s therapeutic for some reason. They are so smooth and light….ooooh. My guess there are others out there like me


Buttons are made of wood, bone, plastic, metal, clay, porcelain, gemstones and crystals

I’ve cut the shanks off of them and used them as embellishments on the cards I make. For Christmas, I covered a tall, skinny styrofoam tree with white, clear and gold buttons of various sizes using hot glue to attach the larger ones and straight pins for the smaller ones.


Unique buttons can be used to make necklaces and bracelets or showcase a particularly pretty set as the base for a pair earrings.

Pinterest has a lot ideas for using buttons. Use them as part of a mosaic. Sew them on pillows, shirts, glue them on vases, boxes and lamp shades. Image

Here some examples that I found on Pinterest.ImageImage



3 thoughts on “The Letter of the Day is B: “B” is for Buttons

  1. What a beautiful blouse! I really like the lampshade, too. I like buttons, but do not have a huge collection of them. I think that making jewelry using buttons is a really neat idea.

    I enjoyed your post. Have a blessed evening!

  2. Wow, some magnificent uses for buttons. I love the whole concept. And I totally get the therapeutic quality of running your hand through buttons. I feel the same thing when I run my hand through a bowl full of gemstones and crystals. Soooo good the feeling!

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