The First Letter is A, so “A” is for Adhesives

In the crafting industry there is always a use for different types of adhesives. Wood glues, spray glue, epoxies, stick glue, white glue, fabric glue, paper dots, tape runners, glitter glue, clear glue, hot glue….who knew there were so many glues? So what do I use?

I use E6000 for working with jewelry and wood glue for my wooden projects such as plaques.

For card making I have found that certain adhesives work better than others. For attaching paper to paper, a tape runner works the best, I found that glue sticks and spray glue (both temporary and permanent) tended to dry out after a period of time went by. Clear liquid glue works wonderfully for things like cardstock and small pieces that are too small for a tape runner. Gluing on rhinestones and jewels with liquid glue however, doesn’t work. They pop off. I have a glossy accents glue that adheres them so they stay on. It’s quite embarrassing to have things fall apart after you make them.

Trial and error is a hard master but a good teacher.


7 thoughts on “The First Letter is A, so “A” is for Adhesives

  1. Ha ha… Yes, I’ve done scrapbook layouts for people and have had horribly embarrassing results with inferior adhesives a few times. Recently found a stash of 3-D adhesives that I had used a while back that were unopened. To my horror the adhesives on them were gone and I was left with a stack of foam pieces. All I could think about was how many projects had I used them on that were deteriorating by now…. UGH!

    • It’s just a clear E6000. It doesn’t take the place of soldering, but does make a nice bond./ It has tendency to get really thick as it ages, out of the tube that is.

  2. Hah, interesting topic for A-Z. As a scrapbooker myself I’ve long had a mixed relationship with all types of adhesives, but know one thing for sure – they all will be found dried out when you most need to use them.

  3. I love your concept.Is there adhesive patterns for OUTSIDE use? I am getting waist high wooden planters made for my vege garden – too old for back breaking work so my motto now is Work Smarter not Harder! Waist high vege garden is the way for me.Love to decorate them with a easy stick-on so I will look around for some. You have inspired me!
    I am also taking part in the A-Z blog challenge – I am a blog newbie really, having started my blog last year. Can you please have a look at my blog and let me know what you think, please feel free to comment on my A-Z posts ( not quite sure if I have done this right or not) Regards, Rose

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