How I Do Love Paper Piecing!

How I Do Love Paper Piecing!

This is the second paper pieced quilt I’ve done. the first one was a wall hanging and this is a king size. all the colored fabrics are batiks, which are my favorites. Only one block has been duplicated, my husband chose it, see if you can figure out which pattern has been repeated.

This was labor of love, it took me a whole year to finish it. Not that it was especially hard, I just couldn’t work on it continuously. I like ot think this reflects “my point of view” (how trite, right?) I love color and excitement and movement.

Most quilters that I have met either don’t like paper piecing, or foundation piecing as it is also called, or they love. I figure the ones who hate just don’t get it. It took me about a month and then the light came on! Now I love to teach people how to do it.


2 thoughts on “How I Do Love Paper Piecing!

    • It will last as long as most blankets. I left the foundation inside which softened up nicely after washing. I also think it strengthens the whole piece. the only other thing I have to say as far as durability is to make sure your seams are 1/4 inch, not shy because then it will pull apart.

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