Great New Vintage Image Site for Crafters and Artisans


Not sure how I found this site but I did and I love it! I’ve never thought of myself as being into vintage looks or antiques but their images have wormed their way into my heart.

They have scanned in beautiful botanical prints, antique flatware, seed labels, victorian art and french typography, amongst other things from antique books and catalogs. There are links to fonts and projects to do. I used a french kitchen typography image to make a distressed tray. the only problem is I cut it in half and when I transferred the image, I put one one way and the other the opposite way. so it was upside down depending on which side you looked at it from. I tell myself that only God is perfect. Sigh. I am going to sand it off and redo it. I will post a pic when I get it right.

Check out this site!


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