Time to Design Christmas Cards

Time to Design Christmas Cards

It’s been a long time since I posted here. First, my apologies, if any one tells you it’s easy to have a blog and keep it current in half an hour a day, they are nuts. Of course, it doesn’t help that I am very busy and eclectic and have my fingers in a lot of pies. Sigh. Apology over.

I have come back in from the garden and summer activities and have started to design again. (I love winter for that very reason, I get to come in and play!)

I bought a new cricut cartridge, Winter Wonderland, (not to be confused with their Winter Woodland which I also have) and I love it. I think I love everything by Anna Griffith.

This card features a beautiful wreath studded with red crystals for the berries. I am developing a signature style of having embellishments on everything I create. The green tartan plaid background is warm and homey.

This is available on Etsy. I will be showing off more cards as I get them scanned in. I am going to figure out a way to show how I make them. There are some pretty good tutorials out there.


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