Being Creative Isn’t Just An Inside Activity!


So, the only creative things I’ve done lately are making signs and tags for my tomato and pepper plants. I am lucky to be a graphic designer which means I can do my own work. The bad thing is…I can do my own work! Ok, so I am tired a lot. This is tomato season here in Spokane Valley, WA. I sleep, eat and even dream about different varieties of tomatoes and peppers. Not only that, I am busy potting up the dahlia tubers that made it through the winter and transplanting and growing flowers for my own personal use. I also lead a woman’s gardening group called The Sisterhood of the Traveling Plants. Cute, huh!? We meet first and third Fridays of the month from April through September and learn things from each other, make hypertufa pots, leaf castings, container gardens, plant herb seeds, look at each other’s garden and travel to nurseries and events, etc. Gardening itself is a creative endeavor. I love color, the more the better. When I quilt, I find a lot of inspiration in the garden. I suppose when you are a creative person it overflows into every aspect of your life. At least it does in mine.