Eggshell Mosaic Card


Eggshell Mosaic Card

This is my version of the card mentioned in the last post. it is pretty laborious to make but fun. It involves taking the membrane out of soaked eggshells, crushing them on the base shape, applying mod podge, using droppers of alcohol inks to splash with color etc. If you want to make your own, see my previous post for the link.




Ultimate Recycling – Trash to Treasure

that’s a cliche but I used eggshells that i would normally have thrown in the compost pile to make a beautiful card. This is  a link to this technique I found on SplitCoast Stampers.

Tomatoes are a Beautiful Thing


Tomatoes are a Beautiful Thing

I created this card with my cricut. Not only edible but they are photogenic! This is featured in my Etsy store. I thought it would be a great idea to include a small packet of seeds or a gift certificate for a dinner at an Italian place.

Floral Inspiration


Floral Inspiration

This is a card that was inspired by the geraniums in my garden. I just posted something on growing seedlings in the house and thought I’d share this card that I made for my Etsy store, especially seeing as how I now have geraniums coming up again!.

Signs of Life


Signs of Life

Early last week I planted some seeds that need longer grow times than others. They are geraniums, lobelia, alyssum, snaps, hollyhocks, petunias, foxglove, stock and impatiens. I also planted 42 “Sungold” tomato seeds in a small cell type of flat as an experiment. (The only drawback is that it needs constant water. These are under lights in the house. My onions (5 kinds) are out in the small greenhouse since they don’t need as much warmth to germinate. Anyways…there are finally signs of life! It’s always exciting to see green coming up in the little flats, The hollyhocks were the first to show themselves, followed by the “Paint Box” geraniums. Yeah! We look at them every morning and night to see what’s new. I divided my seed packets into early, mid and later timeframes to start them. My tomatoes won’t be started until March, the peppers a little earlier. The funny things is, by the end of the season (fall) I am ready to lay down asphalt in the garden. I get so tired of weeding and dragging hose. I swear I’m done with gardening. In january the seed catalogs start coming and I think it’s like having a baby, you forget how much it hurt and can’t wait to do it again. Thats how it is with gardening…OR… maybe it’s just being tired of gray skies and brown lawn.

What’s Time Got To Do With It?


I just read an article by Wally Amos in the Costco Connection. He points out that we are always waiting for the next moment, from the day we are aware of our surroundings, we start waiting for “When we grow up”, “When we graduate from college”,  “When we get that great job” and when we are older we say things such as “When the kids leave home”, and  “When we retire.” I always complain that I don’t have enough time to accomplish the things that I want to do. “Time is going by so fast” or “Time is slipping away.” In reality, time is always the same, neither fast nor slow. It is the same finite amount that we are all allotted in this life. It’s what I do with it that makes a difference and how I look at it. Instead of trying to get the next “thing” maybe I should live in the “right now.” What that actually looks like though, is something I’m still trying to figure out.

I’ve Got the Delphinium Blues by Elizabeth Casteel on Etsy


I’ve Got the Delphinium Blues by Elizabeth Casteel on Etsy.

this is a treasury I put together, one of my first, and it showcases blues and purple delphiniums and related items. I think they are beautiful in my garden and should always be brought inside.

‘I’ve Got the Delphinium Blues’ by elzbthc

Delphiniums make me anything but blue. I love how stately and how much structure they bring to the garden. There are many colors of delphiniums, burgundy, white, cream, blues, purples, pinks, all are lovely.

Blue Brothers Delphinium Duo


Blue Delphinium hair flower …


Vintage Gold 3 in. Compact P…


Large Delphiniums and Roses …


Delphinium Larkspur 5×7 Phot…


Hand painted Llama Wool Yarn…


Blue Delphinium – Real Flowe…


large 10″ cake stand in…


Butterfly Delphinium glass p…


Hand Dyed ribbon – beautiful…


Blue Butterfly Delphinium Fl…


Note Cards – First Light – d…


Blue Delphinium Flower Candl…


Vintage 1961 Garden Book Del…


Purple ‘Mira’ Tiara …


Original Watercolor painting…


Treasury tool supported by the dog house